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Divorce in Kenton County

I often get questions about divorce in Kenton County, Kentucky.  The laws throughout the state are identical, however their application may vary from county to county as well as from judge to judge.  In Kenton county, the current family court judges are Christopher Mehling and Lisa Osborne Bushelman.  Both current judges are facing competition in the upcoming election in November.  That said, I will concentrate on the current judges and not any candidates. If you have a case in front of Judge Mehling in Kenton County which involves children, you should expect that the party with more income will pay child support to the party with less income, regardless of the parenting allocation.  This may be ordered even in the case where the parties seemingly have an agreement regarding child support.  Careful drafting of an Agreement may allow Judge Mehling to deviate in specific cases where he believes and agrees that a deviation is warranted.  Judge Bushelman makes a case-by-case analysis and may issue a "no child support" decision, an offset or deviation of child support, or may grant full child support from one to the other parent if that parent pays all of the children's expenses. Child custody also differs from court to court and county to county.  Traditionally smaller and more rural counties grant mothers custody and visitation to fathers while more modern and larger counties often grant joint legal custody and shared parenting time.  Also, in matters of spousal support, known in Kentucky as maintenance, it is rare that spousal support is granted in poorer counties.   Spousal support is more common in larger counties with more wealthy residents. You must know the judge in order to be successful in a family court case.  Having an attorney with intimate knowledge of the legal system and the judges deciding your case is essential.  For counsel in Kenton, Boone and Campbell counties, call Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected].

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