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Do I Have to Go to Jail?

Many criminal defendants ask if they will have to go to jail. The answer depends largely on the charges as well as the defendant's criminal history. If you have been sentenced to incarceration, you DO have to go to jail.  Often the courts will allow a report date for the defendant to appear at the jail. If you do not report, they will generally issue a warrant for Bail Jumping, a felony. There are times when you could also be charged with Felony Escape. This sounds like a jail break, but could also be failing to return after work release. Many charges have mandatory jail sentences. If you have a 2nd or multiple offense DUI, there is mandatory jail time associated therewith.  There are some instances when Home Incarceration (HIP) or work release may be possible in lieu of standard jail sentence. If you have been charged or are facing criminal charges, contact an attorney to discuss whether jail is mandatory or avoidable.  For representation in Northern Kentucky, call Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected]

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