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What to Do if You Got DUI In Covington, KY

If you were arrested or received a DUI citation in Covington, Kentucky you will appear in the Kenton District Court.  First appearance, also known as arraignment, may be via video if you are not released prior to the court call.  If you are not on video from the jail, you will appear in Courtroom 1A at the Kenton County Courthouse located at 230 Madison Ave., Covington, KY 41011. You only have the right to plead guilty or not-guilty at the arraignment.  If you are unsure or have not spoken to an attorney, best advice is to plead "Not Guilty."  The court will then set the matter for a PreTrial Conference in 2-4 weeks in courtroom 4A, 4B or 5B.  This will give you the opportunity to hire an attorney, for the attorney to request and receive discovery, and to explore your defenses and any plea negotiations. If discovery is not complete or if negotiations are not fruitful, the court will set for a second PreTrial Conference if requested or for a Trial by Jury or Judge.  the Defendant has the right to request a jury trial or to allow the judge to make the decision. You should involve an experienced and local DUI defense attorney as early in the process as possible.  This allows for maximum information as well as discussions with the officer(s) and prosecutor.  If you have been arrested in Covington, KY, call Michael Bouldin at [email protected] or call at 859-581-6453.

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