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What is a City Code Violation?

Violations of city codes are often filed as criminal complaints against the alleged violator.  As such, if you are charged with violation of a city code, you should speak to a criminal defense attorney.  In some cases the violations, such as noise or junk on your lawn, may initially be charged as a warning citation with the charge to be dismissed if you comply with the code.  If compliance is not met to the satisfaction of the city official, formal criminal charges will be filed.  Other violations may be initially charged as criminal. In Covington, Kentucky city citations include: alcohol to a minor, dog leash, parking violations, throwing stones, begging/panhandling, peeping tom, curfew violations (for minors), nudity, barbed wire, sale of toxic or model glue, and sleeping or urinating in vacant buildings.  Some of these crimes may also be criminal acts under the state penal code. These can be charged as violations, B misdemeanors or A misdemeanors.  They may be punishable by fine, jail or a combination of both in addition to court costs. If you have been charged with a criminal violation of city ordinance, contact Michael W. Bouldin at [email protected] or call 859-581-6453.  Email or respond at this site with general questions.

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