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Divorce for MD and CEO

Is there anything special about divorce for a Medical Doctor or Chief Executive Officer of a company?  Maybe.  In general, the law provides no distinction on the type of divorce that is pending.  That said, judges and attorneys often treat high income litigants differently than "standard" divorces.  One primary reason that they are treated differently is the amount of money and type of assets which are at stake.  Also, these cases generally fall into those where maintenance (spousal support) is considered and often granted for some period of time. If a client earns over $300,000/year, the fall into at least the upper 2%.  As such, they are often disputing many things in addition to the standard child custody, support and minimal assets.  Assets may include off-shore accounts, private holdings, business investments as well as ownership in a medical practice or therapy center.  The spouse often does not earn income anywhere near that of the breadwinner and the spouse generally feels and overall entitlement.  Additionally, the demands of the job as a CEO or MD seldom have the traditional 9-5 work hours that are associated more more mundane dissolutions.  This may make timesharing more difficult and parties may also look for other avenues to provide child care. One of the primary concerns for both parties is the continued success of the business or medical practice.  This may lead to a more collaborative approach and parties should be discouraged from mudslinging and especially any false accusations such as EPO/DVO or allegations of drug/alcohol abuse.  Child support is often secondary to the issues of alimony, spousal support or maintenance. If you or your spouse falls into this category, it is important for you both to hire counsel that has dealt with these types of cases and understands the complexities and finesse to resolve the disputes.  For a consultation in Northern Kentucky, call Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected]  Emails and calls are confidential.

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