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Will DUI Affect My Divorce?

When a person is going through a divorce it is often a very stressful time of their life. I have represented numerous clients who have been charged with DUI while in the middle of the divorce and/or custody battle.  Some in divorce only, some in the DUI case and many in both the dissolution and DUI cases.  Many colleagues practice only criminal or family law, therefore I also receive referrals for those that practice one or the other. DUI can have an effect on the custody proceedings in a divorce.  This is especially true if the child is in the vehicle when the parent is charged with the DUI.  When determining custody, the court first looks at the "best interest of the child(ren)."  When evaluating the best interest, the court will first try to assure that the child is in a safe environment.   If charged with a DUI, the first order is to hire a good DUI attorney to represent you in that case.  The attorney can advise if you should challenge the DUI or how to best deal with the consequences.  As a criminal defense and domestic/family law attorney or nearly 20 years, many people plead guilty when they have legitimate grounds to contest the charges. If you are going through a divorce and are charged with a DUI, contact an attorney as soon as possible.  Having practiced both domestic and criminal law, I feel that i have a somewhat unique perspective on the correlation of DUI and custody.  How you handle each case depends on the specific circumstances as well as which judges are presiding in each case. If you have questions, concerns or wish to schedule a consultation, contact Michael Bouldin at [email protected] or call 859-581-6453.

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