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Who Is the Best Divorce Lawyer?

As a practitioner for 20 years, I am often asked who the best divorce lawyer is in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati. Kentucky ethic rules prohibits the use of the term "best" in advertising.  It is a misleading term as it implies a degree of expertise above all others. Simply, there is no BEST lawyer. There are many good divorce lawyers in both Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. In my opinion, the best attorneys are the ones who are the most honest with their clients. They give realistic expectations and advise on when to settle and resolve disputes and when to stand firm and proceed to litigation. Very good lawyers know the law and also the judges who will be handling your case.  Experience in front of the judge will lead to better advice on what to expect from the judge, what to look for and how to present the case, as well as most realistic expectations.  The best lawyers also have compassion for their clients and can anticipate their concerns; whether financial, personal, emotional or fear of the unknowing. Also to consider is how well the attorney communicates with clients and essential is that the client trusts the advice of his/her attorney.  The best lawyer for you may not be the best lawyer for someone else.  For example, some clients want an attorney who will "fight" for them, while others want an attorney who will give them the best advice.  This may not be the same attorney.  I often advise potential clients to interview 2-3 attorneys before deciding who they choose to represent them.  It is important for clients to realize that the attorney is their chosen representative and their actions, statements and portrayal is a direct reflection of the client. If you are considering divorce or dissolution, it is always advisable to retain an attorney who regularly practices in your jurisdiction/county of residence.  If you wish to schedule a consultation, contact Michael Bouldin  at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected]  

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