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What Does $40 Golf Driver Have to Do With Criminal Attorney?

Recently a potential client in Kenton County, Kentucky inquired about my fee in a case.  The case was a felony charge that was likely to be resolved as a misdemeanor.  I advised the client that my fee would be $1,500 so long as we could get resolved without a felony indictment.*  By the way, this is a fairly standard fee for criminal representation of this type by an experienced criminal defense attorney. The client called again and said that some other attorney would represent him in court for $200 and wanted to know my thoughts.  While my initial thoughts were to simply hang up (0r worse), I decided instead to ask if he played golf. In the warmer weather, I generally golf 1-2 times per week.  Many times I'm asked whether a cheap, used or knock-off driver is as good as the more expensive brands.  Last summer a friend asked what I thought of their new $40 find.  My reply was, "It looks good but does it work?"  In general, you get what you pay for.  My experience tells me that he probably wasted $40.  That said, if he doesn't mind paying twice, he might as well swing it for awhile and see if it works for him.  If so, he probably saved $350.  If not, he will end up spending $440 and having another driver in his garage. My advice to defendants in a criminal proceeding is to find an attorney in whom you have confidence.  There is no shortcut to experience - in the courtroom and in the county dealing with the local prosecutors, judges and jurors.  If you have questions or need counsel in Northern Kentucky counties of Boone, Campbell, Kenton, Grant or Gallatin, contact Michael Bouldin at [email protected] or call 581-MIKE, 859-581-6453 . You may schedule a consultation through the paralegal, Emily. *This is an example of one fee in specific case. Each case is unique and subject to different fee.  Legal fees are discussed in each case and agreed upon between the attorney and client.

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