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Is There A Better Way to Divorce?

The offspring of divorce is dissolution. The offspring of dissolution is collaborative law, also referred to as collaborative dissolution. Many people do not like the option of utilizing courts and judges to make life decisions for themselves, their children, their assets and debts and their family.  It is especially daunting to trust your future and your life to a total stranger that has been elected as the family judge.   Unfortunately, that is the method of determining division of assets, custody, visitation and support if the parties cannot otherwise agree.  Thus came the advent of Collaborative Law. 

  • Full disclosure of all financial information
  • Private meetings attended by the parties and their lawyers
  • Jointly selected experts and advisors
  • Focus on negotiation rather than confrontation and argument
  • Signed Collaborative Agreement that requires everyone to work together to resolve issues and not go to Court.

As a member of the Academy of Northern Kentucky Collaborative Professionals, LLC for a number of  years, I believe that this is the preferred way to handle a dissolution.  The parties work together to identify their specific goals, then focus on how to bet achieve these joint goals, such as: best interest of the children, significant and quality time for children to spend with each parent, fair division of assets and financial security for both parties. If you are seeking a divorce and are interested to learn more about Collaborative Law, see link and schedule a consultation by contacting my office at 859-581-6453 or email [email protected]  

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