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What is Mediation?

Mediation is often used in divorce/dissolution cases prior to trial.  Mediation allows the parties, together with a neutral mediator, to attempt to resolve their disputes without a Judge making the decision.  Mediation can be used with collaborative dissolution, to determine division of assets and debts, to finalize spousal or child support and for most every other area involved with family law. Some family courts offer mediation services for no cost or at a greatly reduced cost.  Boone County, for example, will permit the use of their staff which are trained in mediation, to serve as mediators free of charge to the parties. In Campbell County, they often have mediators at the courthouse on days of hearings to try and help resolve the matter.  These mediators charge a greatly reduced fee of $40/hour, which is split between the parties. Many mediators charge hourly rate and some have sliding scale.  A good mediator may be $200-$350/hour.  The fee is generally equally divided between the parties.  If the fee is not to be divided, this should be discussed with your attorney in advance of the mediation date.  Mediation is generally a voluntary process, however the Court can and may Order mediation.  If the court does order mediation, there is no requirement that an agreement is reached, but only that both parties participate in good faith. In nearly every mediation, the client is responsible for mediation fees.  Clients should expect to pay the mediator at the end of the mediation, regardless of whether an agreement is reached.  You should know in advance the anticipated costs of mediation, knowing the hourly rate as well as the time allotted for mediation.  In Northern Kentucky there are many very skilled mediators.  Many mediators, like attorneys, specialize in certain areas of practice.  Your family law attorney can help guide you to a mediator who excels in this area. If you have questions, contact your attorney. If you are looking for an attorney or mediator in Northern Kentucky, contact Michael Bouldin at [email protected] or call 859-581-6453/

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