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Custody Issues

When determining custody of children, whether during a divorce or if parents were never married, parents are presented with a myriad of issues which need to be addressed.  Often parties come into the lawyer saying, "We agree on the custody."  That said, very few parents have actually discussed ALL of the parenting issues.  Following is a list of issues which parents need to address: PARENTING A.      Decision Making (Legal Custody) and Primary Residence B.      Weekly Residential Schedule C.      Holiday and Vacation Periods (overall intention)

1.     Spring and Winter Vacations from School 2.     Summers 3.     Halloween (Trick or Treating; Costume) 4.     Thanksgiving Day/Weekend 5.     Hanukkah 6.     Christmas Eve/Day 7.     New Year's Eve/Day 8.     Easter 9.     July 4th 10.     Three Day Weekends resulting from school/legal holidays 11.     Other Holidays 12.     Children's Birthdays 13.     Mother's and Father's Days 14.     Parents' Birthdays 15.     Flexible Time 16.     Holiday Schedule Supersede Weekend Schedule

D.      Substitute Child Care Providers E.      Transportation F.      Prompt Exercise of Time with Child G.      Right to Communicate with Child H.      Fostering Affection and Respect I.      Access to Information from Schools, etc. J.      Parental Cooperation K.      Parental Communication L.      Safety and Security M.      Future Conflict Resolution Process N.      Future Review of Parenting Arrangements

1.      Annually 2.      Remarriage or Cohabitation of Either Parent 3.      Change in Employment Schedule 4.      Possible Future Moves 5.      Disability 6.      Child's Wishes 7.      Other

O.      Child Support P.      Responsibility for Extracurricular Activities, Sports Equipment, Lessons, Clothes Q.      Education and Other Major Expenses for Children R.      Medical/Dental Insurance S.      Uninsured Medical Expenses T.      Life Insurance (to protect support responsibility)

1.      Amount 2.      Beneficiary

U.      Dependent Deduction V.      Gifts to Children W.      Agreement to Make a Will

1.      Percent of Net Estate to the Children 2.      Legal Guardians

X.      Savings Accounts/Trusts for Children's Benefit Experienced attorneys have history in dealing with all of these issues, in addition to other issues related to the divorce and can advise if counseling or other programs may be beneficial to your children.  If you have custody issues you should discuss with an attorney before entering to any agreement.  In Northern Kentucky call Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected] for a consultation.

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