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Child Support Modification in Kentucky

Clients often ask what is required to file for modification of child support in Northern Kentucky.  The law requires that a "substantial change" must occur in order to modify child support.  Any change which results in a 15% modification is considered to be "substantial."  Many people believe that you need to wait 2 years to modify, however a moving party can request modification at any time.

A motion to modify child support shall be accompanied by the following:

1. A completed child support guideline worksheet;

2. Copies of the movant's last 3 paystubs or, if self employed, proof of current income;

3. Most recently filed federal and state income tax returns (redacted);

4. Verification of the cost of health insurance for the child(ren); and

5. Notice of hearing with specific statement to the Respondent.

  If you are laid off, it is strongly suggested that you immediately request modification of child support.  Any modification for child support is only potentially retroactive to the date of filing. You may request a modification through the local child support enforcement office or you may hire private counsel.  Movants should be advised that a motion to modify does not always modify in the direction you desire.  Often, a person desiring an increase will only learn after receiving all information that the child support will decrease... and vice versa. If you have questions it is always best to discuss with your attorney prior to filing any motions.  A private attorney can run hypothetical numbers and help to determine if filing is in your best interest and likely to modify in the direction you desire - up or down.  If you have questions, speak with your lawyer.  If you do not have an attorney and desire a consultation, contact Michael Bouldin in Northern Kentucky at [email protected] or call at 859-581-MIKE; 859-581-6453 . 


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