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What Is a GAL?

In Northern Kentucky a Guardian Ad Litem is often appointed to represent the best interest of the child or children in a divorce or custody case.  A GAL (pronounced G-A-L, not gal) is short for Guardian Ad Litem. Kentucky GALs must be licensed attorneys and they can be appointed to represent the child or they can be appointed to represent the best interest of the child.   There are many reasons that a practitioner would suggest that a GAL be appointed in a particular case.  Some judges like to hear directly from children when they are in a divorce situation. Other judges do not want the children to testify, but rather that they speak to a GAL who can advocate for their position. The GAL often times will also gain additional evidence when evaluating a case.  A GAL may obtain school records, medical records, speak to counselors or teachers and interview both parents or other guardians. Often the GAL is the only opportunity for the child to be heard.  This may be especially important in cases where the child is old enough to have a voice and believes that they should have a say in their custody. If you have questions about GAL, custody or divorce in Northern Kentucky, schedule a consultation.  Call Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected]

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