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Black Friday Divorce

As an attorney practicing divorce law for over 19 years in Northern Kentucky, sometimes I may blog about current events, news, or other issues relating to family law.  Black Friday reminds me of a day when many couples fight over holiday expenditures, financial constraints and control over family finances.  Having practiced for this long I find that there are definite times of year that people more often file for divorce or begin their period of separation.  Many people do not want to file "during the holidays" for fear that it will somehow ruin or spoil the date. The fact is, many more people file divorce just after the holidays. My opinion is this is due to the fact that they (1) have a crappy holiday with their spouse; (2) that did not go nearly as well as planned; and (3) staying indoors during that time solidified that the parties need to be divorced.  I also believe that many receive bad gifts or give nice gifts that far exceed the thought and/or money spent by the spouse, thereby reaffirming that their spouse is not committed to the marriage.  Whatever the reason, I often see a spike in new dissolution filings shortly after the holidays. There is no requirement to wait until after the holidays to file.  While the courts and most law firms are closed on black Friday, most reopen on the Monday following Thanksgiving.  If you decided that you and your spouse can no longer reside in the same household, you are not abandoning your home or your children.  Either party has absolute and equal rights to the children.  I always encourage the parties to attempt to work together to minimize the impact on the children and to share time (unless there is a danger presented by one party). If you need to consult regarding a divorce, before or after the holidays, call Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected] in Northern Kentucky.

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