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How Do I Fight a DUI in Boone County?

If you have been arrested and charged with DUI in Boone County, Kentucky (or anywhere else, really), you should hire an attorney as soon as possible.  An experienced criminal defense attorney, especially one who has handled a large number of DUI cases, can provide a number of opportunities to fight your case. An experienced attorney will first meet with you to uncover the facts of the case, including discussion on alcohol intake, basis for the stop, any extenuating factors, any mitigating or aggravating factors, in car and out of the car field sobriety tests, checkpoints, accident, bad driving, portable breath test, questioning at the scene and in the station, Miranda rights, implied consent, opportunity to contact an attorney, mandatory 20 minute wait time if breathalyzer, and refusal or consent to breathalyzer, blood or urine test. It is generally preferable to hire an attorney who regularly practices int he county of your arrest.  In some very small counties, this may not always be the most desired method because of an actual or perceived good old boys network.  That said, it is often to the defendant's advantage if his attorney has a working knowledge of the courts, lawyers, prosecutors and judges who will be handling on your case.  There are certain prosecutors and county attorneys who will never, and some who will often, amend a DUI charge.  Also, the Judge who will be hearing your case may be harsher if you take the case to trial or may make no distinction.  The accused should rely on the experience of the attorney to help determine if a jury trial or bench (judge) trial is better in any specific case. If you have been charged in Boone or Northern Kentucky, consult Michael Bouldin for a consultation.  Email at [email protected] or call at 859-581-6453 (581-MIKE).

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