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Trafficking Heroin Sentenced to 5 Years

This is an update from a federal trafficking of heroin case which I have handled in Eastern District of Kentucky.  In the case, my client was arrested while transporting 185g of heroin from Texas to Northern Kentucky.  He was arrested with the drugs and there was talk of potential future deals.  The client was unwilling to give information to the authorities which may have lowered his jail time and allowed him to be eligible for either a 5(k) reduction (for cooperation) or for a "safety valve" deviation from mandatory minimums. The guidelines allowed for a period of time but the mandatory minimum sentence was 5 years.  If the Defendant had been adjudicated to have a prior felony trafficking conviction, the minimum sentence would have been 10 years.  The prosecution, the U.S. government, requested that the court vary from the minimum and give a longer sentence of imprisonment.  This Defendant also requested specific prison designation so that he could serve his sentence closer to his family. The case involved a number of federal and local agencies including FBI, Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force and DEA.  The government believed that a Mexican cartel was also involved in the trafficking. The Court granted the prison designation as well as sentenced to the mandatory minimum of five (5) years.  If you, or someone you know, have been charged with trafficking of heroin in state or federal court, contact attorney Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 to schedule a consultation.   Case citation: US v. Casas, Jr., 12-CR-44.

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