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What to Do After a DUI Arrest

Having handled hundreds of DUI defenses, there are a number of things that you should and should not do following an arrest.  First, do not argue with the officer after he has placed you under arrest.  At that point, there is nothing to gain by arguing.  It is generally not wise to argue prior to the arrest when you are being questioned either, but its already too late for that.  Once the officer places handcuffs, you are under arrest and going to jail. No arguing, crying or disputing is going to get you out faster.  Compliance will often lead to shorter times for processing and possible release. Call an attorney for a consult as soon as possible!  Don't plead guilty the first time you appear unless the attorney advises to do so and there is some reason to handle quickly.  Very seldom is that the case.  Discovery can lead to evidence which may be favorable and lead to lesser charge, dismissal of charges or evidence to aid in the defense.  The best deal is hardly ever achieved at the first appearance (also known as arraignment). If you cannot get in to see the attorney for a few days, write a summary of everything you can remember.  Your notes/summary should indicate the following:  1. where you went; 2. where you were going; 3. how you were driving; 4. what you drank; 5. what you ate; 6. why the officer stopped your vehicle; 7. did you agree with the reason; 8. what did the officer ask; 9. which field sobriety tests did he give and how you thought you did; 10. did the officer search the vehicle; 11. did you take the brealthalyzer and what was the result; 12. did they ask if you wanted a 2nd test; 13. did they give you the option to call an attorney.  Little things such as why the officer said he stopped your vehicle can because a major factor in handling your case.  There are times when the entire stop can be suppressed if there was not probable cause to stop the vehicle. If you have been arrested or received a citation for DUI in Northern Kentucky, or OVI in Cincinnati, contact Michael W. Bouldin for a consultation.  Emial at [email protected] or call at 859-581-6453 (581-MIKE).

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