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What Do I Do If Arrested For Heroin in Northern Kentucky?

Heroin is the most popular drug in Northern Kentucky, as elsewhere, in 2012 and 2013.  The large majority of arrests have to do with possession and trafficking of heroin.  Trafficking may be a state or federal case whereas possession is generally a state case which is a felony in Kentucky.  Even trace amounts left on a needle or in a spoon is a felony in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  The first thing that you should do if you or a friend is arrested  is contact a criminal defense lawyer. Most heroin users need treatment for addiction.  Many judges wait for the person to detox before allowing them a bond on their charges.  After releasing them on bond, many make drug testing a condition of their bond.  Possession of Heroin is a class D felony under KRS 218A.1415 in Kentucky.  Boone, Campbell, Kenton, Gallatin and Grant counties are all very strict on prosecution.  Often the defendant may be eligible for pretrial diversion or even deferred prosecution if they have no criminal history.  While these options do provide a light at the end of the tunnel in that the charge may ultimately be dismissed, there are pitfalls which a defendant will want to discuss with their attorney. An attorney can review potential defenses, suppression issues as well as assess your chances at trial. The attorney should demand discovery from the prosecution and attempt to negotiate the most favorable deal given your circumstances.   You should hire a competent criminal defense lawyer who regularly practices criminal law in the county of your arrest. If you have been charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance, PCS, in Northern Kentucky, contact Michael W. Bouldin for a consultation.  Michael Bouldin has been practicing criminal defense in Northern Kentucky for over 18 years.  Call at 859-581-6453, that is 581-MIKE or email at [email protected] .

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