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Girl Gone: Very Good Novel Legal Thriller

Nick Dunne and Amazing Amy are the primary characters in this thriller by Gillian Flynn but the story is that of a man framed by his wife for her murder.  Instead of divorce, Amy decides to frame her husband for murder when she finds out that he has cheated on her with a much younger, Andie. Of course, for me, Tanner Bolt provides the most insight into the practice of criminal defense.   Very poignantly Tanner states that change of venue is irrelevant in today's society where media is everywhere.   Tanner's insight into the mind of the jury is very relevant for high profile cases.  The high profile case from Cincinnati is heard throughout the state of Ohio.  Moving a case from Cincinnati to Butler County may prove nothing more than inconvenient. The other interesting piece of Tanner Bolt's anticipated defense is that the truth may be too complicated for a jury.  While I personally believe that juries are very intelligent and can follow a complex defense, there may be some truth to the fact that in today's now information age, a defense needs to have a tagline.  If you expect a trial to take place in an hour, like most television shows, it is now very difficult to hold the rapt attention of 12 jurors for a trial that extends longer than 3 days. Furthermore, to assume that there are jurors that do no independent research or ask no online questions, is unlikely. If, in fact, you do have a jury that is comprised of people who do not look online, is that still a jury of peers.  Often these cases are won or lost in the time with the media leading up to the trial. Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati is no different than the rest of the world with media coverage.  The Ryan Widmer trial is a prime example of how cases go awry and the media perception takes over.  If you have been charged with a serious crime in Northern  Kentucky or Cincinnati, call Michael Bouldin for a consultation.  Call at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected] If you want to read a good thriller with but a little of legal insight, Girl Gone: A Novel by Gillian Flynn held my attention for the few days it took to read and led me into the mind of a sociopath.  

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