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What is Delta-9 THC and Delta-9 Carboxy THC?

Ohio now has a prohibited level of THC which may be in a person's system while operating a motor vehicle.  Similar to alcohol for a DUI, the levels are limited or the driver can be charged with OVI.  When blood is tested for marijuana, they actaully test the THC levels in order to determine the amount of the actual drug in the person's system.  Kentucky has submitted legislation that, if passed, will have similar prohibitive levels of THC that can trigger a DUI conviction. Delta-9-THC concentration usually drops below 5 ng/mL within 3-4 hours post dose.  Frequent users may have longer detection times.  Delta- Carboxy THC is the metabolite which remains in the body after THC is consumed.  The Carboxy is a poor method of determining but is an indication of usage.  Delta-9-THC is much better predictor of actual impairment or recent usage.  In states with a prohibitive level, many allow the use of both the Delta-9 THC and the metabolite in order to secure a conviction, even though there may have been no use for a period of time. DUI can be for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or a combination of drugs and alcohol which impairs the driver.  OVI or operating a vehicle is the same but is the Ohio term for DUI. If you have been charged with OVI in Ohio or DUI in Kentucky and need legal representation contact an attorney.  Even with a prohibitive level of alcohol or THC, the case can be challenged and possibly won.  Email [email protected] or call 859-581-6453 to schedule an appointment.

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