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What Do I Look For In Criminal Defense Lawyer?

  Criminal defense work is often difficult as you are dealing with the most essential of freedoms. Many  clients are at a very low point when they first come to to speak with attorney as they have either been charged with a crime or are accused of committing a crime. In this blog I've decided to post some pictures, first of me while not on the job, just hanging with my wife.  I've posted this only to show that I am a real person and not a corporate suit (although I often wear very nice apparel, especially while in Court). In evaluating attorneys, many people only look at the cost.  Unfortunately the cost is the last thing you should consider since you are going to court to defend your rights and plea for your freedom.  In evaluating attorneys, consider these points: (1) experience; (2) personality; (3) case load;  and (4) cost.  Each of these has many subcategories.  (1) Experience should be the amount of time in practice, but also includes experience handling the sort of legal concern with which you are charged.  Experience also includes working the particular jurisdiction, courts, experience with the specific judge and juries in the area. (2) Personality is how well you trust your attorney.  His personality must be that you can trust will give it to you straight; trust that he will best represent your interest in court AND in chambers.  Since much of criminal defense practice involves plea negotiations as well as private discussions, you must be assured that your interests will be represented when outside of court and in those private discussions.  Finally, the personality must be that the attorney can convince a judge or jury of your version of the facts. (3) Different attorneys can handle different amounts of case loads.  The real concern is to assure that the attorney handling your case has sufficient time to handle your case.  Well versed criminal defense lawyers can often handle many cases at one time. (4) Cost is last.  The cost is generally based on the nature of the crime and complexity of the case and should be commensurate with the experience.  More expensive is not always better, but sometimes the cheapest attorney is either just beginning or has already assumed that your case is a simple guilty plea. Hire an attorney who you trust.  Your life and freedom likely depend on his ability to represent you.  If you have questions, concerns or wish to schedule a consultation in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, contact Michael W. Bouldin at [email protected] or call 859-581-6453 (581-MIKE).  

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