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New Kentucky Laws 2012

Kentucky has enacted over 100 new laws which took effect in June, 2012. New limits on pseudoephedrine purchase maximizes a person's to 7.2 grams per month and 24 grams each year. The intent is to curb the manufacture of methamphetamine. The reality is that families with a number of allergy sufferers will now have to seek prescriptions for the drugs. The new limit will typically prevent buying two packages of allergy medication each month. Another law increases law enforcement access to KASPER as well as mandates that additional regulations be passed regarding pain management clinics. Before it begins, I cannot mandate that a pain management physician treat or prescribe medication for you. Also new is tougher penalties for seat belt violations. Wow, talk about tough on crime! It requires sear belts on vans carrying up to 15 passengers. This, an obvious response to a van crash last year that killed 11 people. Noticeably missing, at least to me, is requirement that school busses have seat belts. Kentucky considered a bill which would allow for medical marijuana. It did NOT pass. It remains illegal to possess marijuana anywhere in Kentucky for any reason. If you have questions regarding criminal law or need to counsel with an attorney call Michael W. Bouldin at 859-581-6453. I cannot answer all KASPER questions other than if you were charged with a crime. Schedule an appointment by calling Emily at my office or email at [email protected] 859-581-MIKE Kentucky did consider a medical marijuana exception. It did NOT pass. It is still illegal to possess marijuana in Kentucky.l for any reason.

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