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How Do I Pay For An Attorney?

Most attorneys who handle criminal law matters want to be paid up front for the majority of the work they are going to preform. This is known as a retainer. In Northern Kentucky, there are very few, if any, attorneys who will work on an hourly basis on criminal cases. This can be done if a substantial retainer is paid up front against which the attorney can bill. This may be done in an extensive federal case where the time for a trial may be weeks or months. A separate retainer may be required if the case proceeds to trial. Kentucky has another option if the person has posted a cash bond to be released on bail. The bail money may be assigned to the attorney to assure that fees will be paid. Most attorneys in Northern Kentucky will accept a bail bond assignment in lieu of cash up front if the bail money is sufficient to cover the fees and/or retainer. If a person is declared indigent and the defendant requests an attorney, the court will appoint a Public Advocate, also known as a Public Defender, in criminal cases. The defendant must request the attorney and fill out an affidavit of indigency. The court must make a determination and then should appoint a PD if the defendant faces a possibility of jail time. The defendant does not get to choose their public advocate. Most people who can afford a private attorney choose to hire one. Many attorneys, including myself, accept checks, cash, bond assignments and all major credit cards. In some occasions, payment plans may also be approved depending on the nature of the case, the time anticipated until trial and the payment arrangements. If you are unsure of the cost and how to pay for an attorney, most attorneys will give a free phone consultation. To ask more questions, contact Michael Bouldin at [email protected] or call 859-581-6453 (581-MIKE).

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