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What If My Attorney Goes on Vacation?

Attorneys need vacations probably more than most other people and many times will have the financial wherewithal to take their vacation time. Clients often ask what to do if they get arrested, or have hearings, or have pressing matters while their attorney is away. I generally take vacation a couple of times each year to recharge my batteries. Most attorneys take great precaution to assure that their clients' needs are still met while they are away on vacation. In big law firms, there are often other attorneys to answer questions during the absence of any specific attorney. Typically criminal defense attorneys run in smaller packs. They may be the only criminal expert at a larger office or they may be in a small or solo practitioner type of office. Those attorneys, like me, make other arrangements. When I leave for vacation, I try very hard to reschedule any hearings that may fall during the time of my absence. I also generally only leave when my paralegal is going to be available for any calls during the work week. The paralegal is trained to do all of the following: (1) determine whether an issue needs immediate assistance or can wait until return; (2) answer simple questions; (3) call another attorney (typically a friend) who can answer questions of immediate nature; (4) refer a case to another attorney if time is of the essence; (5) email or otherwise contact the vacationing attorney for questions that need an answer but can wait overnight; and (6) schedule appointments for when I return. If I am in the country, I typically check emails on a daily basis. This is just to keep up - not to try and solve the world's problems. I will also call the office a few times to check in on certain clients or issues. If I'm out of the country, I typically check emails 2 times each week. Things happen and many occur at inopportune times. If you have questions of your lawyer, do not hesitate to ask. Also remember that we need some free time to rest our bodies and minds. If you believe that your case must be resolved within a day or two, you are likely incorrect but you have the option to seek separate counsel. I know from my 18+ years of experience that there is virtually nothing that cannot wait until next week. Give your attorney the time necessary to handle your case and return your call/email. My clear mind will give me strength to handle your case as we move forward.

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