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Is Marijuana a Victimless Crime?

Marijuana is fast becoming more prevalent throughout high schools in Northern Kentucky. Many users, some dealers and most juveniles consider it to be a victimless crime. This is a favorite argument among many users for most drug possession offenses, not limited to marijuana. "The only one being hurt is the person using." Additionally, marijuana users are at the forefront of this argument, while simultaneously propounding all of the medicinal uses for marijuana. An intelligent person may concede that there are legitimate medicinal uses for marijuana. That said, there is no legitimate medical use and remains illegal in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, State of Ohio and the majority of the United States. If you suffer from any of the afflictions for which marijuana may be prescribed in California, you may seek other prescriptions which have similar affects on your ailment. Physicians do have legitimate drugs which they can prescribe medication for stress, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, nausea, weight loss, and many other ailments. Those that think it is victimless should talk with my friend, Tony Maney. Tony's story is highlighted on WCPO in a recent interview. Tony has decided to help children and preach the virtues of living well and the dangers of dealing in any type of criminal behavior. At the very least, Tony knows that where there is ill begotten monetary gains, the bad guys will come looking. Where there is money being made on illegal activities, guns and violence are sure to follow. If you have been charged with trafficking or possession of marijuana, contact an attorney for advice on how to defend those charges. If you are the subject of an investigation, retain an attorney as soon as possible. Michael Bouldin has been representing defendants in Hamilton, Boone, Kenton and Campbell Counties for over 17 years. For a consultation, contact Mike at [email protected] or call 859-581-6453 for an appointment. Ask for Emily to schedule if Mike is not available. If you need to discuss a drug problem or need a referral for drug treatment, call or email for more information.

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