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What's Wrong With Bringing Drugs to Your Prostitute?

Northern Kentucky is again in the news with the allegations that Clermont County Commissioner Archie Wilson coming to Covington to seek prostitutes. Generally, the solicitation of prostitution is a relatively minor offense. There are two problems here: (1) he allegedly brought drugs; and (2) he is a public official. Public officials often run on the "family values" and pound the pulpit about the wordly sins. Once those same public officials are then caught committing those sins, the puiblic is generally outraged. Here, Mr. Wilson has already resigned despite that he has not yet been convicted of any crimes. I will say that Mr. Wilson has surrounded himself with very good criminal defense attorneys. W. Robert Lotz is one of the top attorneys in Northern Kentucky and his Ohio counsel, Louis Sirkin is known nationally for his defense of the First Amendment and rights of strip club owners, employees and patrons. Bringing the drugs, whether sold or given away, is considered trafficking in the Commonwealht of Kentucky. This is seldom thought of by people who share illegal drugs with friends. Sharing the drugs is the same thing as selling drugs on the street. The crime is a felony for all but the smallest amount of marijuana (and even then it is a felony if within 1000 yards of a school or daycare). First offense soliciation of prostitute is often an offense that can lead to diversion. The humiliation and social sti (gma is often much worse than the criminal penalties. I have represented individuals caught in sting operations this year in both Covington and Newport. If you have been charged with prostitution, drug possession, trafficking or any other crime, call Mike Bouldin for a consultation. Contact Mike at [email protected] or call 859-581-6453 (859-581-MIKE).

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