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I'm Fighting For Custody and Have Pending Criminal Charges!

As a practicing attorney in Northern Kentucky for over 17 years representing both criminal defendants as well as divorce and custody clients, I have seen a rise in the use of the criminal justice system as well as abuse/dependency/neglect filings in connection with divorce and custody disputes. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a person in the middle of a custody battle to also be facing criminal charges. As the stakes rise, so do many people's desire to win. At the same time, often a person's sense of right and wrong can be compromised, believing that the ends can justify the means. I have been involved in many cases where allegations of child abuse and/or sexual abuse have arisen in and during the course of a dissolution. Obviously, the child is the one who is damaged. Whether by a parent who commits abuse or by a parent who puts an idea, thought or convinces a child that they were subject to abuse (if they were not), both are damaging to the emotional and psychological needs of a child. These cases are also very difficult to defend because of the impossibility of proving that something did not occur. In representing a defendant accused of abusing a child, the case is even more difficult in that the most common advice to a criminal defendant is to remain silent; at least until trial. That said, it is virtually impossible to proceed in a custody action without the parent participating and testifying as a witness. It is precisely because of this that many criminal defense lawyers do not practice domestic relations law and can concern themselves only with protecting the client. It is also precisely why many domestic relations attorneys do not practice criminal law. Additionally, there are occasions that the parent may end up in 3 different courts: family court for divorce/custody; juvenile court for abuse/dependency/neglect charges; and criminal court to answer charges. As one of the few that practice a great deal in both criminal courts and family law courts, I can help the client assess the risks and benefits of proceeding through the multitude of hearings, consultations, conversations and trials. If you find yourself in the middle of such an unpleasant and difficult predicament, contact an attorney who can help. In Northern Kentucky, call me for a consultation.

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