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How Does An Attorney Represent a Guilty Client?

Being an attorney in Northern Kentucky for over 17 years many people ask, "How can you represent someone that you know is guilty?" There are many simple answers, but my new favorite is: Everyone is Guilty. Of course, this is a smart-ass cop out with religous undertones, but the great majority of clients have made some poor decisions which have resulted in them needing an attonrey. Many clients talk and readily admit their guilt or complicity to a crime but they have been overcharged or simply want the best deal that they can get. Recently I represented 3 individuals charged with the same crime (drug trafficking) and with similar criinal history. All 3 had very different offers from the prosecutor if they would plead guilty; ranging from lenghty jail sentences to probation. It seemed unfair and I was able to resolve all three cases with none of the clients getting active jail sentences.* Obviously there are Innocent clients, but representing all criminal defendants is the best preparation for representing someone who is truly innocent and leading them to a not guilty verdict. Going hand in hand, another question often asked is, "How can you represent shoplifters, drunks, and DUI clients and also the murderers, drug traffickers, and rapists?" Along those same lines, the more often a criminal defense attorney appears in court, the better he can prepare for the next case. I have represented clients charged with virtually every section of the Kentucky criminal code and the majority of crimes in Ohio and Federal statutes. Getting to know the players: judges, prosecutors and other criminal defense attorneys, is essential in representing defendants. I generally suggest local counsel for the majority of criminal defense cases. Occasionally the police or prosecutorial involvement make it best to hire an out of town lawyer, but a local counsel can keep a beat on the courthouse rumors and aid in selecting a jury. Representing clients charged with criminal conduct is not easy. Years of experience combined with the right attitude is essential. This is often the most difficult time in a person's life when they are faced with criminal defense which can mean loss of liberty, jobs, family and can affect the rest of their life. While a person charged with a felony may be hoping to avoid a lengthy jail sentence, a person charged with shoplifting may see this as loss of employment and public humiliation. If you have been charged with a crime or are the target of a criminal investigation, you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible. In Northern Kentucky, you can contact me for an initial phone or email consultation at [email protected] or call (859)581-6453. *Results are not guaranteed and these cases may not be indicative of results which may be achieved in any specific case. They are, however, actual cases of selling prescription drugs in Kenton County, Kentucky.

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