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Are Parents Liable For Minors Drinking Alcohol?

Kentucky law makes the parents or property owners liable for minors who consume alcohol while at their house. Recently in Northern Kentucky the parents were courts are attempting to hold the parents resonsible where the minors actually brought the alcohol to the party. There are potential civil as well as criminal resonsibility for furnishing alcohol to minors. The new trend in litigation is the claim dthat it is insufficient for a parent to not provide alcohol, they must also be diligent in attempting to assure that no alcohol is consumed by underage minors. This is a deviation from traditional law. It is likely that, if upheld, it will apply to civil liability and probably not to criminal responsibility. The concern is that civil liability can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the event that a juvenile is injured or killed after consuming alcohol. Criminal responsibility is traditionally a minor misdemeanor, however there is also a trend to charge with greater responsibility such as manslaughter when the results are deadly. While this makes little sense to hold someone accountable only if there are dire consequences, the stakes are increased substantially. The safest, while likely unrealistic, bet is to not have children. If you do have teenage children, a parent may see the need for more stringent oversight of the activities and make diligent efforts to assure that no alcohol or drugs are present at your child's parties. Parenting is difficult; the current law does still mandate that negligence is required to hold a person civilly responsible. This area of law is every changing. The current trendn is to hold parents more responsible in an effort to curb teen drinking. Unfortunately, no matter what parents will do the teenagers will try to find a way to participate in adult activities. Also, no matter what efforts are taken, there will be children killed each year due to underage alcohol consumption. Parents can only do so much and the law supports those that use due care. Please submit any questions or comments. Unfortunatley it may take a couple of days to post due to my review in attempt to avoid publishing spam and advertisements.

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