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How Can I Expunge a DUI?

Kentucky law does not specifically allow for expungement of a DUI, but does not prevent these cases from being expunged. Why then would a criminal defense attorney waste time and space on a blog about expungement of a DUI if there is no law that allows for expungement? Good question, I might say. The reason that I am utilizing this blog to discuss this is to answer a question that I get weekly. I am hoping to provide good advice to prospective clients and reduce the high volume of phone calls with good people hoping to expunge their DUI records. Kentucky law currently allows for expungement of misdemeanor convictions if you have had no criminal history and no history subsequent to the conviction for a period of 5 years. Kentucky also allows for expungement of both misdemeanor and felony cases that were dismissed or resulted in acquittals. Those may be filed 60 days after the case is dismissed. Those charged are highly encouraged to file for expungement after the case is dismissed. You can contact an attorney to assist you in filing for and obtaining an expungement. Unless you participated in a felony diversion program, felony convictions are not eligible for expungement under current Kentucky law. If you wish to change the law to allow for felony or DUI expungements, contact you state senator or local state representative. Tell them why it is important to allow for persons convicted of DUI to allow their records to be clean after a period of time. If you have criminal questions or wish to consult with an attorney about a pending case or expungement, you can contact Michael Bouldin at [email protected] or call 859-581-6453 (581-MIKE).

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