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Why Do So Many People Get DUI During Labor Day?

Labor Day in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky has become a major party weekend. It is officially the last weekend of the summer, which means that many look at it as their last trip to the lake, cabin or opportunity to go to the river and boat. Many of those people overindulge in alcohol and/or illegal substances and then operate a motor vehicle. That, combined with the fact that Riverfest is also this weekend, including the WEBN fireworks, combine for a big weekend of drinking and driving. With Riverfest, comes the majority of police forces from both Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. Both sides of the river attempt to keep the environment family friendly and, even with the lack of alcohol sales, the consumption still rises. With this comes arrests and charges for DUI, OVI, disorderly conduct (DC), assault, open container, alcohol intoxication (AI) and public intoxication (PI). Often times those traveling in from out of town find themselves in jeopardy. In Kenton County the Covington Police and in Campbell County the Newport Police make a large number of arrests or issue citations during this weekend. Most of the police are only looking for the worst of the worst offenders. Some, however, are looking to get their numbers up by making many arrests during Labor Day weekend. For those, they may shortcut the field sobriety tests (FST) or may shortcut the requirements regarding blood or breath testing. For example, they may forego telling a Defendant that blows over the legal limit that they have a right to a second test of their choosing (i.e. blood test). Under the new Kentucky laws, many of the violations will result in a citation instead of a physical arrest. If you are arrested as one of the worst of the worst, an attorney can assist in helping to possibly amend other charges, or get a minimal sentence. If you were unfortunately at the wrong place at the wrong time, an attorney may be able to help avoid a conviction. If you are unsure or wish to discuss your rights, please contact Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 (581-MIKE) or [email protected]

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