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The new street lingo for hiring an attorney is lawyer up. Used as in, "he was spilling his guts to the investigator until he decided to lawyer up." Lawyering up is the best way to assert your legal rights in any investigation or proceeding. If you are being questioned and ask to speak to a lawyer, the investigator is required under state and federal law to allow you an opportunity to speak with an attorney before asking any more questions. The Urban Dictionary defines Lawyer Up as follows: 1. To plead the Fifth Amendment; to refuse to answer questions. Officer 1: So what did the accused tell you? Officer 2: Nothing. The defendant just lawyered up. 2. To stop answering questions during a police interrogation and request a lawyer. i.e. He lawyered up, but only after he confessed to being in Cheryl's apartment. 3. For a criminal suspect to stop an interview with police and seek representation from a lawyer; or to threaten to sue someone example 1: The interview ended abruptly when the suspect lawyered up. example 2: "Laura's threatening to sue me over the marshmallow incident." "Seriously? I never thought she would lawyer up over that. An older term for persons seeking a jury trial, a defendant may state that he wants to take it to the box. The box refers to the jury box in which 12 persons (6 for misdemeanors) sit and make judgment. A defendant may wish for a jury trial or may look for a plea bargain, in stating, "No way am I going to take this one to the box." These additions to the vernacular are endearing terms for serious actions. If you need to lawyer up or otherwise wish to speak to an attorney for consultation, contact Michael Bouldin at [email protected] or call at 859-581-6453 (581-MIKE). Check out my website.

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