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Can I Have My Gun in a Bar if I Have a CCW Permit?

Under the new law which takes effect tomorrow (9/30/2011) in Ohio, it is legal to possess a firearm in a liquor establishment, mall, nightclub, museum, hotel, bar, or restaurant if you have a valid CCW permit. Kentucky does not allow anyone to enter into a liquor establishment with a firearm, regardless of whether the person has a license to carry a concealed weapon. Ohio Bill takes effect September 30, 2011. Owners of CCW permits should make themselves very familiar with the new law before attempting to take their weapon(s) into such an establishment. There are two major conditions built into the new law: (1) Licensed concealed-weapons holders must drink no alcohol; and (2) Owners must keep their guns out of businesses that post signs banning weapons. It is still the right of a business owner to ban patrons from bringing guns onto the premises. Local business owners in Cincinnati are already making plans to ban weapons in their businesses. The Cincinnati Reds and Bengals have already stated that they will continue to not allow weapons to be brought into stadiums. Unless they post a sign, bar and restaurant owners are permitting concealed weapons in their establishment. Making no decision is actually making a decision to allow weapons. Both owners of restaurants as well as owners of firearms and CCW permit holders should familiarize themselves with the new laws and changes thereto. A draft of the new law is at ORC 2923.12. Michael Bouldin is a criminal defense attorney in Northern Kentucky practicing in Cincinnati, Ohio and Kentucky. If you have specific questions or wish to schedule a consultation, you can contact at [email protected] or call 859-581-6453 (581-MIKE)

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