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Can I Shoot Fireworks Under New Kentucky Law?

YES. Despite the confusion regarding the sale of fireworks in Northern Kentucky, the state law does allow for consumers to set off fireworks so long as local ordinances are follows. If you bought them in Kentucky, you can shoot them off. Local ordinances generally limit after 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. Kentucky recently passed House Bill 333 which allows expanded sale of fireworks in the state. The law allows the sale of bigger fireworks including those with reloadable mortars and aerial shells. Historically, Kentucky has allowed the sale of only very small firecrackers and sparklers. That said, the cities still can restrict the sale within city limits. Florence has stated that they intend to enforce their local ordinance which bans the sale of most types of fireworks within the city of Florence. Well, not exactly. Florence has denied fireworks retailers the right to set up permanent locations in the city. After driving down route 18 and seeing the dozen or so new Fireworks tents, I expect that there will be at least some police officer making an arrest or issuing citations. It will be interesting to see how the courts deal with these laws that are unclear at this time. Even Florence Mayor Diane Whalen was quoted that the distinction between local ordinance and state law is "clear as mud." Florence officials have distributed a letter to those with seasonal permits claiming that the sale is not legal. Obviously, many retailers have chosen to ignore this letter and citations are bound to follow. For more information, contact an attorney in your area. If you have been charged and need further consultation, call Mike at 859-581-6453 (581-MIKE).

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