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Will a DUI Arrest Affect My Out of State License?

If you are arrested for DUI in Kentucky and have an out of state license, your license will likely be affected. If you are convicted, it is automatic that your license in the home state will be affected. Similarly, if you are a Kentucky driver and are convicted of DUI in another state, it will affect your license. If you are an Ohio driver and are convicted in any other state, Ohio will automatically suspend your license for 6 months. That can be shortened to the actual length of suspension from the issuing state. Furthermore, work privileges must be granted by the Ohio County in which you reside. States vary and some may require you to undergo DUI counseling and/or pay reinstatement fees in addition to the requirements from the sentencing Court. If you are a Kentucky driver arrested for DUI in Ohio, Ohio may physically take your license; particularly in cases where the breathalyzer is refused or the results are over .17. If you are an Ohio driver arrested in Kentucky, Kentucky will suspend your privileges to drive in Kentucky but will wait for Ohio to do their own suspension. In cases of refusal of the breathalyzer, the court will suspend those privileges prior to trial. Moving from one state to the other while under a DUI suspension is a very tricky proposition. I have represented a number of clients who think that they are going to "get away" with something by moving to another state. When the new state sees that you have a DUI, they will not issue a license until it is clear from the sending state. To complicate matters, you may not be able to get your license in the original state returned since you no longer reside in that state. If you have further questions, you can ask questions to this blog. For more specific answers, consult with your own attorney. The attorney you hire must practice in the state of the offense. Often it makes sense to discuss with an attorney who is licensed in both states or who has dealt with this issue previously.

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