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What If I Get Arrested for Possession of Controlled Substance (PCS)?

If you are arrested for possession of a controlled substance, commonly PCS, in Northern Kentucky you should hire an attorney as soon as possible to assist in your defense. After arrest, you will be arraigned the next Court date and are entitled to a preliminary hearing within 10 days and the case is usually set in that time period. PCS is a felony charge and should not be taken lightly as punishment may be up to 5 years of imprisonment. While there is very little chance of "winning" at a preliminary hearing, there is a great amount of work that an attorney can do which may aid in your defense. First, if an actual hearing is held, the attorney may be able to ferret out issues which can be preserved for suppression of the controlled substance. The preliminary hearing is also referred to as a probable cause hearing because that is the standard for the Judge to refer the case to the Grand Jury for further consideration. There are also times when there may be an opportunity for the attorney to negotiate a misdemeanor plea bargain in certain cases. Those vary by county and sometimes by prosecutor, but a local attorney may have some insight into the court, prosecutor and judge in your case. Those types of cases may involve a bad search which the prosecution team does not want to come to light, multiple passengers in a vehicle charged with the same offense, or they may involve only trace amounts of the controlled substance. Also, what drug is the controlled substance may have an effect on any plea deal. If you are looking for an attorney in Northern Kentucky - generally Gallatin, Kenton, Campbell and Boone Counties - you may contact Michael Bouldin for a telephone consultation. A more formal consultation can be made at that time. If you wish to retain counsel for an inmate, the attorney will generally meet the inmate in the jail. Michael W. Bouldin can be contacted at 859-581-6453 (581-MIKE) or [email protected]

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