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Are There Any Nice Rehab Inpatient Centers in the Northern Kentucky-Cincinnati Area?

There are many issues, both legal and practical, in dealing with executives, professionals and athletes which may vary from the "run of the mill" criminal client. If you or someone you know is in need of alcohol or drug rehabilitation, there are many options, however very few that cater to the wealthy. A criminal defendant in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati faces a number of obstacles, among them is where they may be able to get treatment for addiction. An experienced criminal defense attorney may suggest rehab for a client facing possession charges in either state. Most treatment centers are outpatient facilities which is often the first attempt towards sobriety. While noble in their quest, the rate of success for outpatient is roughly half of the success rate for inpatient facilities. The major reason is cost: insurance and courts will pay only for outpatient for a first attempt and many insurances do not cover inpatient care. Also, there are very few beds available for inpatient care. Many professionals can afford better private care... wherein steps The Ridge. Recently opened in Batavia, The Ridge is a high end rehab center focusing on drug and alcohol addiction. The Ridge is not your average rehab center. The Ridge sets on a 50 acre piece of property and boasts a swimming pool, tennis court and a private chef to prepare all meals. The environment is completely structured from 7:00 a.m. until 11:15 p.m. (bedtime) and generally starts with a 28 day stay in their facility. The daily routine includes participation in AA/NA meetings as well as group and individual therapy and adherence to the 12 step program. Also included is a full medical workup for both physical and mental health and stay includes full time medical staff of physicians and nurses. Followup is conducted through their outpatient partner at Northland in Milford. If you have been charged with felony possession of controlled substances, heroin or cocaine or other narcotics, and you are in need of treatment, consider The Ridge for inpatient stay and contact a criminal defense attorney who knows the needs of executive clients.

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