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Why Do So Many People Get Arrested for DUI on Memorial Day Weekend?

In Northern Kentucky as around the United States, the Memorial Day weekend is unofficial the beginning of summer. Many police agencies find holiday weekends to be a good time to kick start a campaign - often a campaign against driving while intoxicated. State troopers as well as local city police may set up roadblocks or increase patrols during these holiday weekends. Memorial Day, Fourth of July, St. Patrick's Day and New Year's Eve are among the most popular times for the police to increase their presence and to make more arrests than usual. If you are looking to avoid a DUI charge, do not put yourself in a position where they have evidence of drinking and driving. It is only illegal to drink and drive if you are impaired or if you have a prohibited blood alcohol level. Even though it is not illegal to drink (some) and drive, the simple act gives the police probable cause to do a more thorough investigation. Often police are looking to make an arrest, then gain conviction instead of really trying to ascertain if you are able to operate a vehicle in a careful manner. Whether the police pulled your vehicle over for a traffic violation, whether you were improperly stopped by police, whether you were stopped as part of a roadblock or DUI checkpoint or were involved in an accident, you should be aware of your rights as well as the legality of the stop and/or arrest. Many police also attend the Taste of Cincinnati event during Memorial Day weekend. Decelerated are overserved and over indulge. If you have been charged and/or arrested for DUI, driving while impaired, OVI (in Ohio) or DWI, you should know your rights and how to proceed with your case. For a consultation, contact Michael Bouldin at [email protected] or call 859-581-MIKE, that is 859-581-6453.

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