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What If I Don't File Taxes?

If you do not file taxes you may be charged with tax evasion at the local, state or federal level. Often people only think of the IRS performing a tax audit; however many local municipalities, including Kenton County and City of Covington have and continue to perform audits. Filing estimated taxes should be done if you cannot file your taxes by the designated deadline, usually April 15th of each year. While this may seem like common knowledge to many people, if you are paid regular W2 wages, your employer withholds taxes which is often enough to cover any tax liabilities for the year. Filing taxes often means a refund for those filing. The United States government has also made provisions for illegal aliens to file taxes. The fact that an illegal aliens files taxes cannot be used to prosecute for illegal entry. Illegal aliens CAN be held responsible for not filing taxes. The US government wants money for taxes which are earned in the US, regardless of your status. Often times both individuals and businesses can file taxes for past years to either correct or initially file tax returns. If you file before being investigated, you can often avoid criminal responsibility. If you have not filed, you should consult a tax specialist (accountant) and file for any years you missed. If you are the targed of a criminal investigation or if you have been charged with tax evasion, you will likely need both a criminal defense attorney and a good accountant. If you have questions for an attorney regarding these types of criminal charges, you can consult with Michael W. Bouldin in Northern Kentucky by emailing at [email protected] or call 859-581-MIKE (581-6453).

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