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Why Is Copper Wire Theft and Burglary So Common?

In Northern Kentucky as well as throughout, copper wire theft has seen the greatest inncrease in arrest and conviction in the past 5 years. Not suprisingly, the price of precious metals, including copper, has increased dramatically during this time. Copper is easy to find in virtually any building as well as new construction. Most people charged with stealing copper wire are also charged with burglary. Burglary is defined as entering into a building or dwelling for the purpose of committing a crime. The crime does not have to be theft, but if copper wire is stolen and the defendant was not an invited guest, burglary has also occurred. If you sat in Kenton County Circuit Court last week, you would have seen five (5) straight cases dealing with theft of copper wire. If copper wire is stolen, it is usually quickly discovered and the investigators generally go straight to the scrap metal yards to determine who has recently sold coppoer wire. The investigation generally results in a name for a suspect within 24 hours and questioning and arrest thereafter. Unfortunately for the defendants, conviction of some felony is generally very easy for a prosecutor. Even if they cannot prove the burglary and theft, they can generally prove the crime of "receiving stolen property." Furthermore, the damage done by having to replace the wire far exceeds the money received from its sale. If you have been charged with receiving stolen property, theft, burglary or any other felony in Kenton, Campbell or Boone counties, contact criminal defense attorney Michael Bouldin at [email protected] or call at 859-581-MIKE (6453).

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