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My Friend Had Drugs And I Got Arrested

If you have been charged with possession of controlled substance which belonged to your friend, you should immediately contact an attorney to represent your interest. Most criminal defendants make the huge mistake of thinking that their "friend" will simply admit to ownership and then the charged will be dismissed. In Northern Kentucky it is a daily occurrence to see defendants who appear at arraignment and try to convince the judge or prosecutor that the drugs belonged to someone else. Unfortunately, it is neither the time nor the place for convincing and it is an all too convenient excuse. Charges seldom, if ever, get dismissed summarily because of such an excuse. A good criminal defendant can make sure that the defendant's rights are protected and explain the options to the defendant on how to defend the case. There actually are some friends who will come forward; unfortunately those friends generally do not for fear of criminal prosecution. First, the friend has the right to remain silent. Second, if they do admit to ownership, they will likely be charged with the crime of trafficking, possession of controlled substance (a felony) or possession of marijuana (a misdemeanor). Also, if you are in a vehicle the arresting officer will often arrest more than one occupant and/or owner if no one readily admits to ownership of the drugs. Two or more people can be arrested in a car, truck or other vehicle for the same drugs. If you have been charged, wrongfully or not, you can greatly benefit from legal counsel. Call Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected] for a consultation. Generally fee quotes will be given at the time of the first call.

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