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Do I Need A Lawyer For An Expungement?

If your case is dismissed or you are acquitted for a crime, a defendant can then file to have their case expunged. Misdemeanors can also be expunged even if convicted if 5 years have passed since probation has ended. In Northern Kentucky, the dismissal cannot be in exchange for a plea to another charge. Also, the dismissal must be "with prejudice," meaning that the prosecution cannot refile the case. An attorney can assure that an expungement is filed correctly and most efficiently. One such issue is to ensure that all agencies receive a copy of the expungment. It shoudl be sent not only to the court clerk, but also to the individual arresting agency, police department, prosecutor's office, and the jail facility. With the ever increasing number of internet sites, it is increasingly difficult to assure that the record is removed. One example is JailTracker. Jail tracker is an online website that gives all current inmates as well as past inmate information. It is used in Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties. Some counties have used Jailtracker since inception and many others are beginning to use this service. Often people go through diversion or another program to avoid a conviction then neglect to have the record expunged. Even though a person is not convicted, a potential employer may discover the arrest and charge through a standard background check if the case is not expunged. You may wish to contact an attorney to see if you are eligible for an expungment. It is also wise to hire an attorney to represent you in your motion to have a criminal record expunged. If you have questions or need to hire an attorney in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati, call Michael W. Bouldin at 859-581-MIKE (6453) or email at [email protected]

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