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Do Attorneys Have To Dress Up?

As a practicing attorney in Northern Kentucky I loathe when attorneys do not dress appropriately; this is not only the proper courtroom attire but to dress for success. I strive to dress in a way that not only shows proper courtroom attire - necktie and jacket, but also emits an air if success. While the standard attire may be a blue two piece suit, white shirt and a tie, this "uniform" is often boring. No offense, as this is great for P&G executives and big firm corporate types. There is no disrespect in wearing a pink shirt and tie with a beige windowpane suit. I believe that a lawyer should stand out. A criminal defense attorney should attempt to command the courtroom. In trial, one main job of the attorney is to convince the jury that your version of the case is the one with which they should agree. The jury needs to "buy" the story being told. An attorney should dress for success. If you are hiring an attorney, you should be paying for the best. If not, why not? I have never understood the potential client who chooses their attorney based on the lowest fee. Pay for the best and get the best. Your attorney should look like the best attorney in the courtroom. It is a prelude to the performance. If you are in need of any attorney and agree with this ideal, contact Michael W. Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or [email protected] To learn more about Michael Bouldin, visit my website at

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