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Can You Beat A DUI In Northern Kentucky?

Absolutely. I am an attorney and have been practicing DUI and criminal defense law in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati for over 15 years and have represented many clients. Every case is unique and presents opportunities to defend the charges. Just last week I represented two DUI defendants in Boone County trials. Both cases went to trial and both had some questionable facts. One driver was convicted and sentenced to the minimum fine and no jail time. The other driver was acquitted even though the initial facts seemed daunting. The vehicle ruptured both tires after hitting a curb and the driver had a breathalyzer result of .093. The breathalyzer was over the legal limit of .08. The breathalyzer was suppressed due to the officer not following procedures. After the breathalyzer was suppressed, the case proceeded to a trial. The officer admitted that the defendant passed one of the field sobriety tests but he believed that she failed the other tests. Thorough cross examination showed some of the flaws in his investigative techniques and testing procedures. The driver also provided testimony contradicting the officer's statements. Ultimately the driver was acquitted and found not guilty of the DUI. While there are no guarantees, these results are not uncommon. Many people only realize the defenses available after consulting an attorney. My name is Michael W. Bouldin and I represent people charged with DUI and other crimes in Northern Kentucky. If you have been charged with DUI or any other crime, contact me at 859-581-6453 or [email protected]

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