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What Is The Criminal Process For A Felony Arrest?

After an felony arrest in Northern Kentucky, the person is given an initial arraignment.  In most states, the Defendant does not have the option to plead guilty at this point and a “Not Guilty” plea is entered on their behalf.The Defendant is entitled to a preliminary hearing within a certain timeframe, typically 10 days.  The preliminary hearing is for the court to determine if there is probably cause to believe that a felony was committed by the Defendant.If so, the case is then bound over for consideration by the grand jury.  The grand jury can subpoena information or witnesses to determine if there exists sufficient evidence to indict the Defendant for a felony; and if so, what felonies.Once the grand jury indicts the defendant, the case then proceeds to the felony level court (Circuit in Northern Kentucky) for an arraignment on the indictment.  The charges are read and the defendant can then enter a plea or request a pretrial or a trial date.The attorney will generally file for discovery and may determine whether to request s suppression hearing.  There are other hearings which may also be requested to test the validity of searches or anticipated evidence.  Unless a plea agreement can be reached, most felony cases are tried to a jury of 12 people.The use of an attorney as early as possible is paramount to a decent resolution.  An attorney may assist in either reducing the charges or avoiding an indictment altogether. Additionally, the attorney can often utilize the preliminary hearing to learn additional facts about the case and potentially utilize information to assist in the defense of the matter.

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