Having practiced law for over 25 years in both Ohio and Kentucky, our firm has handled hundreds of automobile accident cases. Both Kris Nevels and Michael Bouldin have trial experience against insurance companies as well as individuals in accident cases involving injuries to our clients.

Many clients believe that the insurance company will be “fair” in their settlement and negotiations. They fail to realize that insurance companies do not make profits by paying the maximum settlement to all parties. The insurance company is going to offer the least amount possible that the injured party is willing to accept. A skilled attorney not only knows how to maximize the payout, but also the actual value range of any particular case.

What about Kentucky no-fault? Kentucky no-fault is a misnomer and is very misleading. The “no-fault” benefits of your insurance policy assures that the first $10,000 of lost wages and medical expenses are paid by your insurer, regardless of fault in the accident. Kentucky law DOES recognize fault of the parties, and compensates the injured party by assessing damages to the at-fault party.

Many cases involve insurance from various sources. An experienced attorney knows the interplay of PIP coverage, primary benefits, medical coverage and bodily injury coverage provided by the negligent party. Also, there are times where both vehicle insurance or homeowner’s coverage may be available, such as in cases of ATV or farm equipment accidents. Michael Bouldin worked for 3 years at an insurance company prior to becoming a litigation attorney working for injured people. There may also be issues such as underinsured (UIM) and uninsured (UM) coverage as well as subrogation interest from the medical insurer. Having an experienced attorney can guide you through this process and maximize your proceeds.

If you have been injured, contact a local attorney for a free consultation. Attorneys are paid only if you recover for your injuries. For consultation in Northern Kentucky, contact or fill out the contact form by clicking here.