Are Kentucky Courts Closed?

No. Kentucky courts are open. The clerks of all courts throughout the state are accepting filings via eFiling system or by mail. The judges are in the office, secretaries schedule hearings and the clerk’s are accepting filings. The physical courthouse buildings have very limited access during the Covid-19 pandemic and current Governor’s orders, but many of the hearings are still taking place.

That said, courts are considered as an essential operation. Criminal cases involving persons incarcerated have rights to hearings and bond. As such, those cases are moving forward, generally via video from the detention center. Some other cases are being held via Zoom or Skype hearings for status, plea or sentencing.

Some Family law cases are being heard and the type of hearing varies by county and by judge. All cases of domestic violence are proceeding to protect the victims as well as rights of the accused. While investigations have dropped, cases of abuse and neglect are also moving forward. Most of these hearings are being held telephonically or via Zoom/Skype.

If you have questions, contact your attorney. Hiring an attorney who regularly practices in your county is essential to getting the most up to date information about your particular court and upcoming hearings.

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