Each Northern Kentucky County has its own Family Court.  Familiarity of the family court judge is essential in determining how to handle your case.  An experienced family law attorney will assist a client in determining which cases to resolve via settlement and which should proceed to trial.

Kenton County. Kenton County has 2 family court Judges, currently Christopher Mehling and Dawn Gentry. Chirstopher Mehling is the family court judge for Division 2 of the Kenton Circuit Court and has been the judge since first being elected in 2006. His current term of 8 years does not expire until 2022.  Dawn Gentry was appointed judge for Division 5 in December, 2016 and is running for the seat versus a number of candidates in May/November, 2018.

Campbell County. Campbell County has only 1 family Court Judge, Richard Woeste. He has been the family court judge since being first elected in 2010 and his current term runs through 2022.  He has significant experience in handling custody, support and asset division.

Boone County. Boone County currently has 2 family Court Judge, Linda Bramlage who is running unopposed in the 2018 election. Additionally, the legislature has approved a second judge position in Boone County beginning in 2019.  There are currently 4-5 candidates who have announced their intention to run for this November, 2018 general election.  It is unclear what will happen with older cases and if they will be reassigned, but new cases may fall to either of the judges beginning in 2019.