Divorce can be considerably more complicated when one or both spouses have a stake in a closely held business. If you own and operate the business without your spouse, you may worry about whether it can survive the divorce and remain profitable.

If your spouse owns the business, you may be concerned about getting a fair share of its total value. In both cases, these concerns are warranted.

At Bouldin Law Firm, we have the skills, experience and resources to guide you through this complex aspect of divorce while advocating for your best interests. Whether you want to protect your business in a divorce or secure the portion of assets which you are entitled to, we are ready to help.

It All Starts With Business Valuation

Division of assets must start with an understanding of the value of those assets. We will help you collect all financial documents and inventory all assets in order to accurately calculate the business's value. Then, we will determine whether the assets need to be divided, and if so, how they should be divided.

A closely held business often contains a mix of both business revenue and personal funds. In most cases, this means that both spouses have a stake in the business, even if only one spouse was involved in day-to-day operations.

If you are the owner of the business, we will work to help you protect the integrity of the business and shield it financially from divorce. We may discuss trading away other assets equal to your spouse's stake in the company.

If you are the non-owner spouse, we will help you negotiate a fair settlement that includes the value of your stake. Our firm's lawyer, Michael Bouldin, has considerable business law experience in addition to his work as a family law attorney. As such, he is especially well-suited to matters like business protection in divorce.

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