Every legal issue you may face feels personal, but divorce and custody matters tend to make clients feel especially vulnerable, angry, hurt or betrayed. Strong emotions can easily cloud your judgment, leading to poor decisions and unfair outcomes.

In times like these, you need the guidance of a good attorney. At Bouldin Law Firm, we seek reasonable resolutions to your legal issues. We are here to ensure that you receive a divorce settlement that is fair and meets your short-term and long-term financial needs. We also work to protect your children and your relationship with them, including minimizing the conflict they are exposed to during child custody proceedings.

In short, we are strong legal advocates for you and your children, and our goal is to help you through this difficult time thoughtfully and successfully.

Our Family Law Services

We offer skilled representation and advice in nearly any family law matter, including:

Our attorney, Michael Bouldin, is often referred to as "the family man" by clients and legal colleagues. This is due to his distinguished work as a family law attorney and due to the fact that he knows most everyone in the local legal community.

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